KITCHEN FARM Shinyokohama – Case example

About KITCHEN FARM Shinyokohama

KITCHEN FARM Shinyokohama is a popular farm of My Farm easily accessible with 20 minutes’ drive from the center of Tokyo and only 2 stations by metro from Shinyokohama station. Located on a hill like highlands of Shinshu area and having different atmosphere from the surroundings, the farm will make you wonder “There was a place like this in Yokohama?” With parking lot, shack for resting, faucets and toilets, please enjoy year-round farming that makes you want to bring your own nice, packed lunch when visiting. At “KITCHEN” FARM where you can imagine the “dining table” after harvest, farm workshops and vegetable academy for kids and parents are held around the year.(Source: official website)

General information

At KITCHEN FARM Shinyokohama, SenSprout is currently conducting testing of our sensors “SenSprout Pro” and gateway network testing using power from solar panels.

KITCHEN FARM Shinyokohama : https://myfarmer.jp/